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Changanacherry is ideally known as the gateway to high range and kuttanadu. It is a municipal town in Kottayam district. The location of Changanacherry is such that it is placed between Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin. It was a major trading hub during old times and its name is debatably linked to trading activities. Changanachery has an area of 13.50 sq. kmtrs. Transportation is very well developed in Changanacherry with road, rail and inland waterways contributing for transport modes. Changanacherry municipality includes suburbs such as Vazhappally East, Vazhappally West, Thuruthy, Morkulangara, Vattappally, Puzhavathu, Perunnai, Anandasramam, Fathimapuram, Parel, Chethipuzha, Ithithanam, Kurisumoodu, Chanjody and Cheeranchira.


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