About Changanacherry

Coordinates: 9.466667°N 76.55°E
Country: India
State: Kerala
District: Kottayam
Population: 47,485 (2011)
Time Zone: IST (UTC + 5.30)
Location: 20 km south of Kottayam and 7 km north of Thiruvalla on main central road

Changanacherry is a municipal town in Kottayam district. It is ideally known as the gateway to high range and kuttanadu. The location of Changanacherry is such that it is placed between Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin. During the pre-british times, changanacherry was an old business centre.

Transportation is very well developed in Changanacherry with road, rail and inland waterways contributing for transport modes. Changanacherry was a major trading hub during old times and its name is debatably linked to trading activities. The word Changanacherry supposedly derived from Changanattusserry.

Veluthampy Dalava, famed diwan of Travancore inaugurated the market at Changanacherry at 980 malayalam era (1805 C.E). He recognized the possibilities for the development of Changanacherry. Since then, it has become a vital trading link connecting high range and Kuttanad regions alike for trading of spices, food grains and other agricultural products. In 1905, to celebrate the centennial celebrations of this place, the “anchu vilakku” (five lamps) was installed by people near the boat jetty. The lamp signifies the ethos of Changanacherry – ‘unity in diversity’ of the local ethnic and religious sects. Hence, afterwards, the town was called Anchu Vilakkinte Pattanam in local language or the Town of Five Fire Lamps.